Cozy Gift Guide

Right now is my favorite time of year! Its cold outside, Christmas movies are on, holiday decor is out at stores, and lights are being strung everywhere! During the winter my favorite thing to do is light some candles, throw on some cozy socks, bake something sweet, curl up in a blanket and watch movies. If you or any of your loved ones love being cozy, this gift guide I put together is just what you need! Read more

Cinnamon Swirl Bread

Things have been a rollercoaster over here between snow days and Johnathan being in and out of the field. That means lots of time here at home together playing board games and having nerf fights until we go stir crazy. Which means approximately 2 days. To keep myself sane from being hit by darts and trying to drown out the loud sounds of hungry hungry hippos I cook and I bake. To which this wonderful, beautiful, cinnamon-y, warm bread was made. I’ve wanted to make this bread for so long that I had the recipe originally saved on my iPhone 5, and I FINALLY had the courage and time to do it. Now let me get to it!

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Winds of Change

Happy New Year everyone!

This may be a few weeks late but I say its never to late too make a change for the better! I know everyone obsesses over making a super long list of unrealistic “resolutions” that they may or may not accomplish. Year after year I used to do the same thing until I realized how much pressure I put on myself and how hard I was on myself if they weren’t met. So a couple years back I decided that I would make a list of things that weren’t unrealistic therefore id accomplish more. Some are personal, for my marriage, and some for our family. When the year was coming to an end I started thinking of things that I or we could do to make our lives run more smoothly, strengthen our bonds, and impact our lives for the better. I hope that this idea can inspire you to also make positive changes to your life as well.

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