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Happy Holidays y’all! I know kids can seem to want anything and EVERYTHING they see in stores or in catalogs or on tv because I know mine does. I have been trying to be more intentional with everything we buy especially with toys. I really want toys that are going to last, that add educational value, that keep Christopher active and of course that are fun. I made this gift guide based on items we currently have, want or are planning to purchase. I linked all of them items below so I hope you enjoy!


1. Outdoor Playset – We all want one of these for our yard! I’m not really sure why we haven’t bought one yet but I think they’re so fun to have. I can already see Christopher and his neighborhood friends playing and having so much fun. It is an investment piece but it can be used for years!

2. Kinetic Sand– I absolutely love kinetic sand! It’s so mesmerizing to watch and play with. It also sticks together very well so its super easy to clean up!

3. Hooded Blanket– These hooded blankets are just fun to have and super soft and cozy! Christopher already has the rhino and dragon but the fox is on his wish list.

4. Anatomy Book Set– This book set has so much interesting but informative substance. I know so many people that absolutely love this set!

5. LEGO Set– LEGOs are always on his want lists and we never mind getting them for him because he reuses his pieces or makes his own creations. This is one of those toys we don’t mind joining in play time.

6. Nugget Comfort Play Cushions– These are another investment pieces that we really want. They can be stacked or taken apart to make a fort, obstacle course or even a seating area for your kid’s room/playroom.

 7. Scooter– We love Christopher’s scooter because he will spend hours outside riding it and getting all the exercise and energy out. You can never go wrong with one of these!

8. Nintendo Switch– I know most people are not fond of video games, trust me im not either, but I absolutely love our switch! Johnathan got it for us last Christmas and we all play it multiple times a week together. It has so many cool features that allow you to set play times and limits, parental controls so they can’t just play any game they want and has so many different games. My husband is a huge gamer and im so anti-gaming systems, when he showed me all the features I agreed to get it and couldn’t be happier!

9. MagnaTiles– These are fun to play with at any age. Christopher loves them and I think pretty much all his friends have them as well.

10. Doll/Playhouse– Gone are the days when play houses were just for girls. Christopher had a playhouse in his pre-k classroom and played with it almost every single day. We decided to get him one and he loves it. I also love that when he has girl friends come over they can all play together.

 11. Wireless Headphones– This is one of those gift that help with your sanity! Especially on those long car rides. We do a lot of traveling so these headphones are a must have when he’s on his iPad in the car.

12. Kid’s Cook Book– These are so fun to have. It’s a cook book made “just for them” so I know Bub loves to take his out and pick a recipe for us to make. It’s never too early to teach kids life skills and that women aren’t the only ones who cook. You never know if you have a future chef in your midst thats waiting to be inspired!

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