We BOO-ED Our Neighbors!

Hello everyone! Are you enjoying this amazing month and beginning of the holiday season as much as I am?? I looooooove October and fall and Halloween! Have I mentioned that before? Today I’m going to be posting a fun, little neighborhood tradition that we do called “You’ve Been BOO-ED”! Basically someone starts off by making two little treats to hand out to two neighbors and they will do the same and then the domino affect will take place. I’m gonna show you how I did ours this year and I have cute printables that you can use to boo your neighbors as well! 

I started off by grabbing a this adorable trick-or-treat box/bag and stickers from Target (of course), baked some cookies, wrapped a candy bar in medical tape and added some googly eyes, attached the labels, put it all together and then (anonymously) placed the treats on their doorstep, rang the doorbell, and ran as fast as we could back to our house. 

These homemade pumpkin cookies seriously are the best! I also found these adorable pumpkin spice marshmallows that they can pop in their coffee or hot cocoa. Aren’t they just the cutest?! I love spreading holiday cheer even in the smallest forms. Below you can get the printables I made and what exactly it means to “BOO + be BOO’ED”. 

Here are the three printables I’ve made. One is a label to put on your treat saying “You’ve Been BOO’ED!” The next one is a sign for them to put either on their door or in their window that says “We’ve Been BOO’ED!” letting the remaining neighbors know that you have already received something. The last one is an instruction card basically explaining what this all means and what they need to do. We live on a military base so because we get new neighbors pretty frequently they might not be aware of this newer tradition. Then they scan/copy them and place them in their treat for the next recipients. All you have to do is right click and save the image, print and cut!


This is always so much fun, sneaking over to a neighbors and basically playing ding dong ditch but your neighbors actually being happy instead of mad lol. Watching Johnathan and Christopher run as fast as they could back into the house without being seen was absolutely hilarious! With this it’s not about the money spent or trying to spend countless hours. It can be something as simple as making them a favorite recipe or picking up something from your bakery while you’re at the grocery store. One thing I’ve learned being in a military family is that you have to appreciate the time you have with the ones you have while you still have them. Sometimes one of the kid’s parents are gone for most of the year and that small treat can really brighten up their day. One of my daily intentions is to make ordinary things in life a little bit magical. Whether it’s for my kid or someone else’s. That’s the whole point of the holiday spirit is to spread it with everyone! I hope you enjoyed this post, please tag me if you decide to use any of the printables, and as always thanks for reading! 

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