Christopher’s 6th Dinosaur Party


It’s been a little quiet over in this little space because I’ve been busy planning a cute, little dinosaur party we threw for Christopher at our house this weekend. It was so much fun he said it was his best party ever. We are actually surprising him and taking him to Disney World next month but I still wanted to throw him a little party since it will be his last birthday here in NC. We invited a few friends close friends, played games, shared laughs, and enjoyed food and treats. In this post ill be sharing a closer look at some of the details of the party. Read more

Simple Valentine’s Teacher’s Gift

Any chance I get I will put something together to gift for Christopher’s teachers. We have been very lucky the past two years to have such amazing teachers and I love to show our appreciation for them. One of my old coworkers/good friend actually inspired me with teacher gifting. Her daughter is a little older than Christopher and at the time she was just starting school when we worked together. During our coffee dates at Starbucks or chatting it up in the kitchen, she would tell me what she was planning to do or what she had already had gotten together. I would always think I cant wait until Bub is in school so I can do the too! Now that he finally is it makes me so happy to do it! With Valentine’s rolling right around the corner I put together a little last minute teacher gift. Read more

3 Easy Non-Candy Valentines for School

February is a very busy month over here for us especially what we call our “Love Week”. Within a matter of 5 days we celebrate our anniversary, Christopher’s birthday, and Valentine’s Day so I am normally way passed my stress level staying up super late every night trying to make things perfect. This year I wanted to get an early start on everything so I went to our basically second home, TARGET. By no surprise they were already stocking their shelves with all things hearts and pink at the END of December. Bub decided on the dollar spot semi-DIY dinosaur valentines which took so much pressure off me because he’s in a dual-class classroom and we have to get enough for BOTH classes. Talk about a life saver! Keep reading for 3 easy non-candy valentines for school. Read more

Bub’s First Loose Tooth

This morning while we were brushing our teeth Christopher said OUCHHH! and dropped his toothbrush onto the counter. He looked at me and said “Mommy, my tooth hurts LOOK!” There it was; his first loose tooth. My baby is no longer a baby anymore, cue the crying emoji. Am I the only mama that feels like baby teeth are the last thing that makes your child little?! In my time of anticipation I decided to look for really cute ideas to do for “tooth fairy duties” and came across this oh so adorable tooth fairy kit from Cairn Co. Read more

Cinnamon Swirl Bread

Things have been a rollercoaster over here between snow days and Johnathan being in and out of the field. That means lots of time here at home together playing board games and having nerf fights until we go stir crazy. Which means approximately 2 days. To keep myself sane from being hit by darts and trying to drown out the loud sounds of hungry hungry hippos I cook and I bake. To which this wonderful, beautiful, cinnamon-y, warm bread was made. I’ve wanted to make this bread for so long that I had the recipe originally saved on my iPhone 5, and I FINALLY had the courage and time to do it. Now let me get to it!

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NYC Travel Guide

Last year before Johnathan was deployed we decided to take a mini vacay to New York to spend some quality, family time together. We decided to go to New York because Johnathan and Christopher had never been and its been years since I had. That and his pre-deployment leave was approved like two weeks prior so we had to pick somewhere close enough to drive. New York is only 8 hours from us so we said why not! Since we’ve traveled there I’ve had several friends ask me for places we went on our trip so I decided to put together a list of all the places we saw/ate at and make a post about it. This is a lengthy post because we were there for a week. I hope you read it all because it is super informative.

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Winds of Change

Happy New Year everyone!

This may be a few weeks late but I say its never to late too make a change for the better! I know everyone obsesses over making a super long list of unrealistic “resolutions” that they may or may not accomplish. Year after year I used to do the same thing until I realized how much pressure I put on myself and how hard I was on myself if they weren’t met. So a couple years back I decided that I would make a list of things that weren’t unrealistic therefore id accomplish more. Some are personal, for my marriage, and some for our family. When the year was coming to an end I started thinking of things that I or we could do to make our lives run more smoothly, strengthen our bonds, and impact our lives for the better. I hope that this idea can inspire you to also make positive changes to your life as well.

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