Cozy Gift Guide

Right now is my favorite time of year! Its cold outside, Christmas movies are on, holiday decor is out at stores, and lights are being strung everywhere! During the winter my favorite thing to do is light some candles, throw on some cozy socks, bake something sweet, curl up in a blanket and watch movies. If you or any of your loved ones love being cozy, this gift guide I put together is just what you need! Read more

Simple Valentine’s Teacher’s Gift

Any chance I get I will put something together to gift for Christopher’s teachers. We have been very lucky the past two years to have such amazing teachers and I love to show our appreciation for them. One of my old coworkers/good friend actually inspired me with teacher gifting. Her daughter is a little older than Christopher and at the time she was just starting school when we worked together. During our coffee dates at Starbucks or chatting it up in the kitchen, she would tell me what she was planning to do or what she had already had gotten together. I would always think I cant wait until Bub is in school so I can do the too! Now that he finally is it makes me so happy to do it! With Valentine’s rolling right around the corner I put together a little last minute teacher gift. Read more

3 Easy Non-Candy Valentines for School

February is a very busy month over here for us especially what we call our “Love Week”. Within a matter of 5 days we celebrate our anniversary, Christopher’s birthday, and Valentine’s Day so I am normally way passed my stress level staying up super late every night trying to make things perfect. This year I wanted to get an early start on everything so I went to our basically second home, TARGET. By no surprise they were already stocking their shelves with all things hearts and pink at the END of December. Bub decided on the dollar spot semi-DIY dinosaur valentines which took so much pressure off me because he’s in a dual-class classroom and we have to get enough for BOTH classes. Talk about a life saver! Keep reading for 3 easy non-candy valentines for school. Read more