Mexican Bread Pudding Recipe

The other morning it was rainy and gloomy so I had no intention of getting us out of the house. I had a French loaf left over that I needed to do something with or it would’ve gone bad. And lets face it we cannot let  perfectly good bread go to waste! I had been wanting some sort of warm, comfort food/dessert so I thought about making bread pudding. A couple of nights before Bub and I had some hot chocolate. Mexican hot chocolate of course, not to knock Nestle or anything but if you’ve had Mexican hot chocolate you’ll never go back. The wonderful flavors were still on my mind so I thought id try something new. And that is how this yummy, warm, gooey yet crispy, bread pudding came about. I cannot wait to make and enjoy this in the fall/winter time, curled up on the couch watching holiday movies or around the table with family and friends. Read more

Cinnamon Swirl Bread

Things have been a rollercoaster over here between snow days and Johnathan being in and out of the field. That means lots of time here at home together playing board games and having nerf fights until we go stir crazy. Which means approximately 2 days. To keep myself sane from being hit by darts and trying to drown out the loud sounds of hungry hungry hippos I cook and I bake. To which this wonderful, beautiful, cinnamon-y, warm bread was made. I’ve wanted to make this bread for so long that I had the recipe originally saved on my iPhone 5, and I FINALLY had the courage and time to do it. Now let me get to it!

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