Halloween Pajamas

Halloween is my favorite holiday so we really go all out. From decorating, to our annual party, watching 13 (now 31) nights of Halloween, dressing up, and especially getting new pajamas and socks. I have a bit of a pajama problem not just for myself but for Christopher as well. I try to get Johnathan on my wagon but he’s not quite there yet. In my true form I started scoping out Halloween pajamas and rounded up a few of my favorites! 

  1. Skeleton Pajamas
  2. Halloween Stripes
  3. Halloween Masks
  4. Jack-o-lantern
  5. Mummy
  6. Halloween Stars

These are a few of my favorites this season. I know that Burt’s Bees Baby has a sale going on right now so I’d jump on that! I’m also going to link some women’s holiday pajamas as well. I have the gray halloween pant set (Christopher picked them out) and I love them! And if you know me you know my love for PSL’s so I’ve been on the lookout for the pumpkin spice set.

  1. Hey BOO
  2. Halloween Pajamas 
  3. Pumpkin Spice

I hope you go out and get you some fun PJ’s for this holiday season and maybe start a new tradition! As for me im going to continue decorating for halloween while sipping on some pumpkin spice coffee. Happy Friday!

Mexican Bread Pudding Recipe

The other morning it was rainy and gloomy so I had no intention of getting us out of the house. I had a French loaf left over that I needed to do something with or it would’ve gone bad. And lets face it we cannot let  perfectly good bread go to waste! I had been wanting some sort of warm, comfort food/dessert so I thought about making bread pudding. A couple of nights before Bub and I had some hot chocolate. Mexican hot chocolate of course, not to knock Nestle or anything but if you’ve had Mexican hot chocolate you’ll never go back. The wonderful flavors were still on my mind so I thought id try something new. And that is how this yummy, warm, gooey yet crispy, bread pudding came about. I cannot wait to make and enjoy this in the fall/winter time, curled up on the couch watching holiday movies or around the table with family and friends. Read more

Truthful Tuesdays: Summer Blogger Blues

I’m going to have a little section in my little, cozy corner called Truthful Tuesdays. Im going to get a little real and talk about things that aren’t so light that other moms may be feeling like myself. It may not be every single week but ill try and do it as often as I can. For this week’s topic ill be talking about how summertime and my inner struggles have pushed blogging to the back burner. Read more

Picnic Must-Haves

Hello there! In my previous post I talked about polls I had in my instagram stories about what you’d like to see for blog posts and my picnic must haves was one of the winners! We usually have picnics at our local library park or by the creek and both of them have a playground for my kiddo. When you’re going on a picnic with your kid(s) I think most mom’s first thought is “What ALL do I need?!”. I used to over pack, under pack, or just wing it. Sometimes it worked, most times it didn’t. But after many picnics and trips to the park I think I’ve perfected what works best for me so I hope that it helps you too!

Read more

Summertime Schedule

Hello there! Sorry I’ve been so MIA, we have had a lot going on and life just gets in the way sometimes. I did a couple of polls on what you would like to see and I got some good feedback! I am a firm believer that children thrive off of consistency and structure so I try my best to give Christopher that as much as I can. Now while this is a schedule for us, it can also be used as more of a base guideline if you’d like. We obviously don’t stick exactly to every single minute because of wake up/bedtimes, and activities all can get tweaked depending on many different factors but I like to try and follow it best to my abilities. Here it is! I hope it helps! Read more

Christopher’s 6th Dinosaur Party


It’s been a little quiet over in this little space because I’ve been busy planning a cute, little dinosaur party we threw for Christopher at our house this weekend. It was so much fun he said it was his best party ever. We are actually surprising him and taking him to Disney World next month but I still wanted to throw him a little party since it will be his last birthday here in NC. We invited a few friends close friends, played games, shared laughs, and enjoyed food and treats. In this post ill be sharing a closer look at some of the details of the party. Read more

Simple Valentine’s Teacher’s Gift

Any chance I get I will put something together to gift for Christopher’s teachers. We have been very lucky the past two years to have such amazing teachers and I love to show our appreciation for them. One of my old coworkers/good friend actually inspired me with teacher gifting. Her daughter is a little older than Christopher and at the time she was just starting school when we worked together. During our coffee dates at Starbucks or chatting it up in the kitchen, she would tell me what she was planning to do or what she had already had gotten together. I would always think I cant wait until Bub is in school so I can do the too! Now that he finally is it makes me so happy to do it! With Valentine’s rolling right around the corner I put together a little last minute teacher gift. Read more

3 Easy Non-Candy Valentines for School

February is a very busy month over here for us especially what we call our “Love Week”. Within a matter of 5 days we celebrate our anniversary, Christopher’s birthday, and Valentine’s Day so I am normally way passed my stress level staying up super late every night trying to make things perfect. This year I wanted to get an early start on everything so I went to our basically second home, TARGET. By no surprise they were already stocking their shelves with all things hearts and pink at the END of December. Bub decided on the dollar spot semi-DIY dinosaur valentines which took so much pressure off me because he’s in a dual-class classroom and we have to get enough for BOTH classes. Talk about a life saver! Keep reading for 3 easy non-candy valentines for school. Read more

Bub’s First Loose Tooth

This morning while we were brushing our teeth Christopher said OUCHHH! and dropped his toothbrush onto the counter. He looked at me and said “Mommy, my tooth hurts LOOK!” There it was; his first loose tooth. My baby is no longer a baby anymore, cue the crying emoji. Am I the only mama that feels like baby teeth are the last thing that makes your child little?! In my time of anticipation I decided to look for really cute ideas to do for “tooth fairy duties” and came across this oh so adorable tooth fairy kit from Cairn Co. Read more